About David Holloway

Mr. Holloway was born in Lakeland, Florida in 1963 and he graduated from Lakeland High School in 1981. From 1981 to 1986, he attended the University of Florida and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering in 1986. While at the University of Florida, he took elective courses in real estate analysis and real estate valuation.

Upon graduating, and from 1986 to 1998, Mr. Holloway put his engineering degree to use working in the Tampa Bay area designing roadways. This experience involved all aspects of road and highway planning, design and permitting, including, but not limited to: the evaluation and design of horizontal alignments, profile grades, intersections, typical sections, driveways, access roads, drainage ditches, storm sewer systems, stormwater ponds, wetland mitigation ponds, flood plain compensation ponds, pavement signing and marking, intersection signalization, utility relocation, plans preparation, review, and quality control, right of way determination, permit applications and more …

This experience has proven to be very useful when representing owners in eminent domain cases for several reasons:

When only a portion of an owner’s property is taken by the government, the severance damages to the remaining property are based on the government’s construction plans in existence when the property is taken.

There can be defects in the government’s construction plans, which create damages to the remaining property that will go overlooked by someone without his engineering experience.

Occasionally, the government will attempt to acquire more property than is actually necessary for its project, either intentionally to avoid compensating an owner for business damages, to reserve property for a future project, or unintentionally due to a poor design on the part of the government’s consultant.

Since his college days when he took courses in real estate analysis and in real estate valuation, Mr. Holloway has had an interest in real estate. He became a licensed real estate broker in 1990. He keeps up with his continuing education courses and still maintains an active real estate broker’s license.

In 1991, Mr. Holloway became a registered professional engineer in the State of Florida after completing the required four years of internship and completing the State’s exam.

Beginning in 1993, Mr. Holloway has worked on eminent domain cases as an expert witness civil engineer. He got his start when the Turnpike District of the Florida Department of Transportation sought to acquire some of his family’s land for the limited access Polk County Parkway.

He played an important role as an expert witness and as an owner’s representative in getting the Turnpike District to dismiss its first lawsuit, relocate a stormwater pond, construct an access road, and pay a lot more compensation that originally offered.

While Mr. Holloway has not testified as an expert civil engineer in recent years, his experiences as an expert witness allows him to see eminent domain cases from a different perspective.

It was during this time as an expert witness that Mr. Holloway decided to go to law school and become an eminent domain attorney. He enrolled at Stetson College of Law in January 1998. Every elective he took was selected based on how it would help him as an eminent domain attorney. One elective was a civil government clinic where he worked in the eminent domain department of the Florida Department of Transportation.

In 2000, Mr. Holloway graduated in the top ten percent of his class from Stetson. Since that time he has been practicing eminent domain law and has represented hundreds of property and business owners throughout the State of Florida.

LICENSURE: Licensed Real Estate Broker, Florida 1990
Licensed Professional Engineer, Florida 1991
Attorney – Member of the Florida Bar since 2000